WisconsWare Downloads

(If you find this page, you can use this Software. Just let me know.)

Video Capture Program sometimes called "MyBooru". This can be used by anyone with RS-232 control of a video switch who wants a primary picture every three seconds and a secondary picture every 3 minutes. The demand for this will be high, so get your download early.
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WebCam Program with motion detection, auto-adjusting thresholds and CloudAlert. With "Look-at-them-All" feature (thanks to travis). Version 2.23.
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WebTemp Program For all of you who have a video camera on your Radio Shack thermometer.
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FTP auto-upload Program For all of you who have a setup exactly like Travis.
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EBay searcher

Source code for topo program. Another fine WW product.

Log Processor Program For all of you who have Logs to Process
Log Processor ini File an initial ini file for above
Source code for above.

Android Stuff

Bryon's Mediacom App. If you have Mediacom in or around Cedar Rapids area and an ATSC TV and you use your TV tuner (no cable box), this might be the App you need to figure out what channel number to enter.

Bryon's Mediacom App- Ir Version. The App above tells you the channel to enter. This app will also change the channel for you. The only additional requirements are you must have a Samsung tablet with an IR Blaster. And you must have an Insignia TV.

Following two were updated 6/30/13

Bryon's Mediacom App- Ir Version 2. Same as above but less CPU usage.

Bryon's Mediacom App- Spoken Version. This App lets you say what channel you want and it will tell you what number to enter. You can say the Network Name (like "ABC" or "History") or you can say the conventional channel number (like "channel 65"). Guaranteed to understand you or your money back.

Following was uploaded 10/6/16

Bryon's Mediacom App- Ir Version 3.2. Works on phones. (IR only tested on Samsung tablets). Editable data file.

HWFD Stuff

HWFD App - V6.9 Modified auto-enroute/auto-InQtrs for rookie mistake in V6.8. (Read Me)

HWFD App - V7.9 Hopefully ready for actual use. (Read Me)

HWFD App - V7.10 Fixed Startup Crash. (Read Me)